[Ontbirds] Connecticut and Cape May Warblers, Toronto Riverdale Farm and Necropolis

Theresa Dobko dobko at rogers.com
Wed May 7 14:26:09 EDT 2008

While the birding was very slow this morning at the Riverdale Farm and the
nearby Necropolis, there were two nice birds.  In the Riverdale Farm, near
the pond at the very bottom of the Farm, there was a very elusive male
Connecticut Warbler low in the bushes.  I had one good look before it was
chased away by a grackle and afterward I could hear its call for about 20
minutes but it did not emerge for another look.  There were few other birds
today but there is a Belted Kingfisher that has been around for days and may


Across the street in the Toronto Necropolis there were a few more warblers
with a vibrant male Cape May Warbler in the North West corner of the
cemetery (the section on the left as you enter the main driveway).  There
were also two Field Sparrows at the top of the hill above the "Scattering
Grounds" for the ashes.


There were also several Nashville, Yellow-Rumped and Palm Warblers about in
both sections but little else.  The best spots for warblers in the Farm are
around the lower ponds and in the bushes along the middle path, just past
the archway for the buildings.  In the Necropolis, the birds are usually
evenly spread but more pronounced along the fence lines on the upper level
and in the very far NE back corner.


The Riverdale Farm and Toronto Necropolis can have a surprising variety of
warblers on any good warbler day.   Both are small areas that can be easily
birded before or after work.  The Riverdale Farm opens at 9 a.m. seven days
a week and closes at 5.  The Necropolis is open from 8 to 8 and can have
good late day birding.




The Riverdale Farm and Toronto Necropolis are across the street from each
other just east of the downtown Toronto area.  Take Parliament Street to
Winchester Street and drive east along Winchester to the very end, east of
Sumach and you can park for free on the north side of the street.  


Theresa Dobko

dobko at rogers.com


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