[Ontbirds]Gloucester, ON - Cliff Swallows

Patrick Blake pjblake22 at hotmail.com
Wed May 28 14:24:42 EDT 2008

It was a fine morning for birding, so I headed out to Earl Armstrong Road to see if I could relocate the grasshopper sparrow I had previously observed in the area last week (see archived post for more information).  To my surprise, two CLIFF SWALLOWS were present perching on the telephone lines along the road near the quarry pond.  There were also the typical selection of tree and barn swallows - I did not see any bank swallows, although I know they have been in the area before.  
The cliff swallows were easily identified from the similar barn swallows by the bright white patch on their forehead.  Before I left the area, I could not relocate the swallows, since the large mixed flock had taken to the air to hunt insects along the surface of the quarry pond.
Approximately 10 TURKEY VULTURES were roosting on the old barn across the street from the quarry pond.  And I relocated the GRASSHOPPER SPARROW at the end High Road, where it had been earlier last week.  I could distinctly hear a second sparrow somewhere in the field - apparently the two were talking to one another.
Good birding!
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