[Ontbirds] American Avocet (1) - Harlequin Duck (1) - Eared Grebe (2) - Ruddy Duck (pair) - Wawa and White River Sewage Lagoons

McIlwrick, Ken kmcilwri at NRCan.gc.ca
Fri May 30 15:39:24 EDT 2008

Hi folks,
I stopped by the Wawa sewage lagoons/ponds today (May 30, 2008 at
10:05am) to look for the female Harlequin Duck that I first reported on
May 20th and subsequently observed and photographed on the 23rd and
26th. I again observed the bird and took a couple more photos today (It
is still in the southeast pond ), but before I relocated the Harlequin
Duck, my jaw dropped as I stood there looking at an adult male American
Avocet actively feeding in the southeast pond. I quickly took some
photos and video and watched it for a while. For about 5 seconds I
actually had two Ruddy Duck (pair - first reported on the 20th), 1
Harlequin Duck and 1 American Avocet all in my scope view at once. All 3
species were last seen in the middle of the Southeast pond at around
Also at Wawa...1 Eared Grebe in full breeding plumage (also previously
reported on the 20th and photographed on the 23rd) - similar to my last
visit (post) it was far off in the northwest pond  but the rain (last
time it was snow) was too heavy for photos .  
At the White River sewage lagoons (northeast lagoon) at  8:45am - 1
Eared Grebe (first reported on the 26th) in transition plumage (between
winter and breeding).  This bird has been photographed for documentation
purposes (26th and 27th) . Shorebirds at White River Sewage lagoons
include Least SP, SemiP SP, SemiP PL, Dunlin, Short-billed DW, Spotted
SP, Solitary SP and some late Lesser YL. 
Wawa sewage lagoons are located east of Hwy 17 and west of Misson Rd.
along Golf Course Road. Wawa is located along Hwy 17 about 230 km north
of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
White River Sewage Lagoons are located along a gravel utility trail west
of Hwy 17 and 1.5 km south of the Intersection of Hwy 17 and  Hwy 631.
White River is located 315 km north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
Good Birding
Ken McIlwrick


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