[Ontbirds]Brighton Wetland and Lagoon

Rod Lee simkev at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 1 17:43:18 EDT 2008

Hello everyone: This report comes on behalf of Keith Lee (Tiny).  Exciting 
times at Brighton Constructed Wetland.  Shorebirds continue to be in the 
Wetland in rather large numbers - Dunlin, Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, 
Short billed Dowitcher, Semi-Palmated Plovers, Least , Spotted, White-rumped 
and Solitary Sandpipers and Killdeer,  The Great White Egret flew over. 
Water flowl include - Canada Geese, Mallard, a pair of Scaup (a new 
addition), Blue-Wing Teal, Wood Duck, Northern Shoveller, a Northern 
Pintail, Trumpeter and Mute Swans.  A female Wood Duck was observed with 12 
ducklings, which seem to be triving in the Wetland.  An American Bittern was 
observed by Tiny and Doug Mcrae.  Rod and I observed the Black Crowned Night 
Heron and Merlin on Friday afternoon. The following songbirds continue in 
and around the Wetland - Red Wing Blackbird, Common Grackle, Marsh Wren, 
Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow, Rough Winged Swallow,Yellow Warbler, Common 
Yellow throated Warbler, Indigo Bunting (Doug Mcrae), Mourning Dove and 
Chipping and Song Sparrows.  A Northern Harrier spooked the shorebirds with 
its flyby.  Almost forgot all the Moorhen that could be seen as well as many 
more heard.

We think that the Osprey have a little one.  Two of us were watching the 
nest and observed a "fluffy" white thing in front of the adult on the nest. 
Tiny was called over to take a look through the Swararski Spotting Scope. 
Tiny walked along the access road toward the Osprey pole.  I watched through 
the scope.  The adult started calling and within seconds the other Osprey 
appeared in the sky over the Wetland moving toward the nest.  The nesting 
Osprey rose into the sky, that is when the fluffy white thing was more 
clearly spotted near the end of a White Birch stick on the nest.  As the 
second Osprey approached the nest, the fluffy white thing dropped down out 
of sight.  The next couple of weeks should tell for sure whether or not what 
we observed was Brighton Constructed Wetland's first Osprey off-spring.  The 
Osprey nest can be clearly spotted from the large platform off County Road 
64.  Please do not enter the Wetland without permission from the Brighton 
Public Works Department through Tiny (Keith Lee).

Maureen Campeau

Directions:  The Constructed Wetland is located at the SE corner of
Brighton.  From Hwy 401, take the Brighton exit 509 (Hwy. 30) and follow
it south into town.  Go south through the two traffic lights, over
the railway tracks and follow the main road, now called Prince Edward
Street, south.  About 1 km south of the tracks, the main road begins
to swing to the left and becomes Cty. Rd. 64.  As this long turn
ends the Constructed Wetlands appear on the right side.

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