[Ontbirds]Black Vulture at Tobermory

Tom Thomas tthomas at cogeco.ca
Mon Jun 23 09:41:15 EDT 2008

        Yesterday afternoon while birding the Garbage Dump near the airport at Tobermory,Tim King and I along with Gill Arden and Bob Zarnke spotted a Black Vulture.
        We were scanning the birds foraging in the garbage piles, when two of us saw this large bird coming in to land, and we both instantly said 'that's a Back Vulture'.
         It was out of sight for a while, and the area it landed in was fenced, but no matter, as it soon took to the air and proceeded to fly in circles overhead giving us terrific views, and we marveled at this beautiful Vulture and it's graceful flapping flight pattern.
            Tobermory is at the tip of the Bruce Peninsular. To get to the dump, take Warner Bay Road which is on the west side of Hwy 6, just south of Tobermory and drive past the airport, then turn  right on McArthur Road. Look for the dump on the left hand side just up the road.
              Good luck.........T.

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