[Ontbirds]Eurasian Widgeon, Carolina Wren - Ottawa

Langis Sirois lsir at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 25 20:28:04 EDT 2008

   Good evening.

   I  just  returned  from the Moodie Dr pond where I saw a male Eurasian
   Widgeon  in  breeding  plumage,  feeding in company of 5 or 6 American
   Widgeons and 4 Gadwalls.  These birds could be seen standing along the
   fence a few meters left of the small parking area.

   Also  present  on  the  pond were  a male Redhead (which I believe was
   reported  earlier),  a  male  Ring-necked  Duck,  8  or 9 Ruddy Ducks,
   Green-winged  Teals  and  numerous  other  more common ducks.  All the
   birds wee seen from outside the small parking area ouside the fence.

   This  morning a Carolina  Wren was very vocal on Weyburn street in the
   Riverview area; it could also be heard from other streets in the area.

   Directions  to  the  Moodie  Dr. pond, courtesy of Neily World Birding

   Independent  Directions  to  this  Site: From Highway 416 take exit 66
   (Fallowfield  Road).  If  southbound,  a  0.4  km  offramp  dumps onto
   Fallowfield, where you will turn right or west. If northbound, the 0.4
   km offramp brings you to Fallowfield, where you will turn left or west
   onto it and in 0.5 km join the southbound offramp traffic. Both groups
   will  now  follow  Fallowfield  Road  west for an additional 0.4 km to
   reach  Moodie  Drive.  Turn left or southeast onto Moodie Drive and go
   5.3  km,  passing  Cambrian Road to reach the quarries (second gate on
   the  left).  Park  along  the  side  of  the road without blocking the

   Warning:  This  site  is  private  property  and  is an active quarry.
   Because  of  liability  concerns the pit operators do not allow access
   during  working  hours. Trucks and machinery operate here on workdays,
   so  please  don't  block  the  roads  into  the quarry. At such times,
   limited birding can be accomplished from the roadside, which overlooks
   the pond, especially with a good scope.

   Directions   to   Wayburn   St.:   From   the   417,  exit  at  Vanier
   Parkway-Riverside  Dr.; go  South on Riverside Dr a few hundred meters
   and  turn  left  on  Industrial  Ave, then right on Neighbourhoood Way
   (just  passed  Alta  Vista  Dr, left again on Coronation (0.2 km), and
   right on Weyburn (0.8 km).

   Good night and good birding.

   Langis Sirois, Ottawa

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