[Ontbirds]Cooper Marsh

Ott User willott123 at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 30 21:37:50 EDT 2008

Hi Ontbirders:
                      Just to follow up on an earlier report by Pat on birding the Cooper Marsh.  Spent some time this afternoon birding Cooper Marsh.  Heard quite a number of Virginnia Rail while walking along the boardwalk.  Saw at least two to three and one walked across the boardwalk to get to the other side of the marsh.  A couple of young rails (black in colour) were also visible.  Wilson's Snipe could be heard and seen, a couple in flight as well.  Right near the parking area, a pair of Eastern Phoebe put on quite the display.  In addition to the Kingbirds and Green Heron, there was a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker next to the pond near the parking area and a Great Egret flew overhead along the marsh (looked like it was going to land in the marsh just out of view though).  As I was leaving, spotted a red fox ambling along near the tall grass, also near the parking lot.  Happy birding.

W. Hum

I didn't follow the route outlined below.  Went down Hwy 31 to check on some Screech Owls.  No sighting today.  

DIRECTIONS (courtesy NeilyWorld): The Cooper Marsh Conservation Area, on the St. Lawrence River near Lancaster, is around an hour and a three-quarters ESE of Ottawa by car. Take Highway 417 from Ottawa east 60 km to Highway 138 (exit 58 to Cornwall). Follow Hwy 138 32 km SSE to Cornwall Centre Road. Turn right or WSW on it to continue on 138, go 0.7 km to Brookdale Avenue. Turn left or SSE on it to continue on 138. Follow Brookdale (138) 0.9 km over Highway 401 and take exit 789 east. Follow the 401 east for 24.3 km to Highway 34 (exit 814), just south of Lancaster. Turn right or south and go 1 km to South Lancaster and then turn right or southwest onto Highway 2. Follow Highway 2 for 3.0 km to the turnoff for Cooper Marsh Conservation Area visitor's centre on the left or east.

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