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* New York
* Buffalo
* 07/03/2008
* NYBU0807.03
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  D.-crest. Cormorant
  Great Egret
  Common Merganser
  Bald Eagle
  Red-headed Wdpkr.
  Cliff Swallow

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  Hotline: Dial-a-Bird at the Buffalo Museum of Science
  Date:             07/03/2008
  Number:           716-896-1271
  To Report:        Same
  Compiler:         David F. Suggs (dfsuggs at localnet com)
  Coverage:         Western New York and adjacent Ontario
  Website:          www.BOSBirding.org

  Thursday, July 3, 2008

  Dial-a-Bird is a service provided by your Buffalo Museum of  Science 
and this answering system was donated by the Buffalo  Ornithological 
Society. Press (2) to leave a message, (3)  for updates, meeting and 
field trip information and (4) for  instructions on how to report 
sightings and use this system.  To contact the Science Museum, call 

  Highlights of reports received June 26 through July 3 from  the 
Niagara Frontier Region include AMERICAN AVOCET, BRANT  and YELLOW-THR. 

  June 28, an AMERICAN AVOCET was reported on the Main Street  Beach at 
Dunkirk Harbor. There have been no additional  reports. Dunkirk Harbor 
has a history of attracting AMERICAN  AVOCETS during July and August.

  Also the 28th, an unexpected BRANT in Port Colborne,  Ontario, at 
Lakeview Park on Sugarloaf Street. One of the  first summer records of 
this species.

  And again on the 28th, in Allegany State Park, the first  report this 
season of YELLOW-THR. WARBLER, at Red House  Lake.

  In Chautauqua County this week, 1 adult and 5 sub-adult BALD  EAGLES 
congregated at the Saint Columbans property on Route  5 in the Town of 
Sheridan. Another sub-adult BALD EAGLE at  the mouth of Silver Creek, 
along with a RED-HEADED WDPKR.  And, COMMON MERGANSERS on Lake Erie at 
both Saint Columbans  and Silver Creek.

  Reports from the upper Niagara River - 74 GREAT EGRETS at  the Motor 
Island heronry. 497 D.-CREST. CORMORANTS at  Buckhorn Island State Park 
at the north end of Grand Island,  and a very high count of 80 CLIFF 
SWALLOW nests at Tonawanda  Island in North Tonawanda.

  Dial-a-Bird will be updated Thursday evening, July 10.  Please call 
in your sightings by noon Thursday. You may  report sightings after the 
tone. Thank you for calling and  reporting to Dial-a-Bird.

- End Transcript

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