[Ontbirds] Fastest creature on earth.. Peregrine Falcon / Niagara Falls

ray barlow raymondjbarlow at yahoo.ca
Sat Jul 5 10:45:00 EDT 2008

Thanks to my friends Karl Egressy and Brandon Holden, I have found some good viewings of a family of 6 Peregrines at the Falls.  you can stand anywhere from the gorge to about 1 km downstream, and have a view.  they fly about once every hour or so, and if you are lucky, you might see the adults snag a pigeon.  The 4 Fledglings have all left the nest, and are flying about.

The views seem to be less frequent as time passes, and the young are exploring a wider territory., so photographing them is difficult.  Once in a while, they will come up to the walkway for a visit., in fact I did see one land on top of the rock barrier right along the side of the walk way... that moment only lasted a few seconds, with so many people about., but the young are very curious.

several images on my website, please enjoy, and comment in there if you wish.


many more images waiting to be edited, and a few more visits to this great site coming up next week., 

Just take the QEW to the Falls, follow the signs.  I like to take the McLeod Rd cut off, go past Marineland, and turn left to the shuttle parking ( 10.00$), and ride the shuttle to the falls, and head down river., the buses run very often.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me, and requested to get on my email list., a new workshop email list is now being created, so send me a note if you are interested.

take good care out there, and do not lean over that railing too far!!

kind regards, 

Raymond J Barlow 
13 Sandra Crescent 
Grimsby Ontario 
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