[Ontbirds] Western Meadowlark Palgrave - Plus Kortright Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, Mourning Warbler among others.

Lev Frid lev.frid at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 13:04:34 EDT 2008

The WESTERN MEADOWLARK was still there this morning at 9:15 AM, singing in
the exact same place on the telephone wires. It prefers to perch on wires
near the pole, so this could perhaps cause some confusion when you hear it's
melodious song but can't locate it on the wires above you! If somebody
hasn't seen this one yet, this is a very easy tick.

In Kortright, A female MOURNING WARBLER was seen and photographed at the
usual location for this species, at the start of the Marsh Boardwalk. The
large willow (or willow-like species) at the end of the marsh boardwalk,
adjacent to a large Tupperware container, once again held a Cuckoo, but a
YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO this time. Other birds seen at kortright included 5
FIELD SPARROWS among more common species.




Meadowlark: (Directions courtesy of Paul Prior)

>From downtown Toronto, head north to the end of Hwy 427, turn west on Hwy 7
to Hwy 50, then head north, through Bolton and on toward the village of
Palgrave. A couple of miles past Albion Hills Conservation Area, you'll come
to Patterson Sideroad, turn west onto this road and drive for perhaps 300
metres. Park alongside the meadow and hopefully the bird will be singing
loudly again, in the meadow to the south of the road. This was opposite the
entrance to Brawton Drive.


The Kortright Centre is located three kilometers west of Highway 400
and one kilometer south of Major Mackenzie Drive at 9550 Pine Valley
Drive in Woodbridge.

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