[Ontbirds] Wylie Road July 6, 2008 - Sparrows, Soras, Snipe, Sandpipers among others.

Lev Frid lev.frid at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 19:13:36 EDT 2008

Today I birded Wylie Road at about 8:20 AM for about 4 hours.

Firstly, on Mcnamee Road where the Carden Alvar informational sign is
located, I observed a GRASSHOPPER SPARROW perched on the fence with at least
two more singing.

At the beginning of Wylie Road there was a picturesque WILSON'S SNIPE
perched on a fence post and another doing his aerial display above. A little
bit farther, two juvenile SORA appeared on the side of the road, next to a
little puddle. These come right on the road and aren't very cautious, be
careful as they might suddenly jump in front of a vehicle.

farther still, on the field to the left, were some more WILSON'S SNIPE and
some UPLAND SANDPIPERS. These were calling. On the road to Bluebird Box
number 10, I observed some EASTERN MEADOWLARKS, several SAVANNAH, SONG and
VESPER SPARROWS, mostly sitting on fence posts, as well as a single BOBOLINK
male. EASTERN KINGBIRDS and BLUEBIRDS were common everywhere.

At box number 10 I did NOT see any LOGGERHEAD SHRIKES but heard them; they
were on the other side over a hill. A pair of COMMON NIGHTHAWKS displayed
overhead, chasing each other. Along this shrubby section of road I observed

At Sedge Wren Marsh I painfully waited for SEDGE WRENS to make an
appearance. They were singing loudly but were reluctant to come out.
Finally, I observed one individual flush and drop into some sedges and then
another more satisfactory view was achieved of one singing is a very low
shrub. Patience is needed to see this species at this time of year.

Along the final sections of Wylie road, I observed several more BROWN
THRASHERS and had an incredible view of a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW singing right
on top of a hawthorn. A scope is highly recommended.

At Cameron Ranch, I observed 7 more UPLAND SANDPIPERS in flight and a few




The Carden Alvar is a 1.5 hour drive or 125 km northeast of Toronto
via the 404 and Highway 48. From the Kirkfield Lift Lock go 2.5 km
north, turn right on McNamee Road where Kawartha Road 6 turns sharply
You'll see the Carden Important Bird Area sign.  The Sedge Wren Marsh
is 2.7 km from the start of Wylie Road.

Good Birding,
Lev Frid
Maple Ontario

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