[Ontbirds]Brighton Wetland and Lagoon

Rod Lee simkev at sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 2 18:57:52 EDT 2008

Hello everyone: This report comes on behalf of Tiny (Keith Lee)

As usual as I entered the Constructed Wetland two Marsh Wren were there to 
greet everyone.

Catfish went for a fly about and had not returned to the nest with Mom by 
the time I left at 10:20am.  There were many ducks that have not acquired 
the adult look yet - Mallard, Wood Duck, Blue-winged Teal, Green-winged Teal 
and American Widgeons.  The Trumpeter is still alone.  Many Moorhen could be 
seen as well as heard.  Now the really good stuff - Virgina Rail (calling), 
many Lesser Yellowlegs, a Northern Harrier, Black Crowned Night Heron 
(juvenile), Chimney Swifts, Spotted Sandpipers, Wilson's Snipe, and American 
Bittern (spotted by Maureen Riggs) and at least three possibly more Solitary 
Sandpipers (Colin Griffiths).

Once again a delightful visit to Brighton Constructed Wetland.

Come and visit - you never know what you will see!


Directions:  The Constructed Wetland is located at the SE corner of
Brighton.  From Hwy 401, take the Brighton exit 509 (Hwy. 30) and follow
it south into town.  Go south through the two traffic lights, over
the railway tracks and follow the main road, now called Prince Edward
Street, south.  About 1 km south of the tracks, the main road begins
to swing to the left and becomes Cty. Rd. 64.  As this long turn
ends the Constructed Wetlands appear on the right side.

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