[Ontbirds] 2 BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE (first cycle) SW Ottawa. (Moodie Dr pond).

SLIMBIRD Gerard gphillips at istar.ca
Tue Aug 5 22:54:21 EDT 2008

Hello Ontbirders,

On my return from late afternoon shopping in Ottawa, having decided to pack
my scope and bins and go check Moodie Dr pond (also know as the Burnside
Ross-How Pit pond), I was very surprised to find not one but two (sibling?)

Given the relatively few gulls present when I was there, I spotted the first
bird almost immediately at 6:30pm approx., but didn't discover there were
actually two Kittiwake in the same general area of the pond until about 7pm.
I eventually managed to get a few poor quality digiscope photos of them
together. Given the great distance involved, and the fact that they both fed
by picking while landed on the water, a scope probably is necessary for a
positive ID. Both were still present when I left at 7:30pm.

Other birds of note:
3 American Widgeon
1 Northern Shoveler
5 Green-winged teal

1 Bald Eagle (Sub-Adult II)
1 Northern Harrier (Ad Male)
1 Merlin

~8 Common Tern

1 Solitary Sandpiper
3 Spotted Sandpiper
1 Greater yellowlegs
1 Lesser Yellowlegs

Directions  to  the  Moodie  Dr. pond, courtesy of Neily World Birding

   Independent  Directions  to  this  Site: From Highway 416 take exit 66
   (Fallowfield  Road).  If  southbound,  a  0.4  km  off ramp  dumps onto
   Fallowfield, where you will turn right or west. If northbound, the 0.4
   km off ramp brings you to Fallowfield, where you will turn left or west
   onto it and in 0.5 km join the southbound off ramp traffic. Both groups
   will  now  follow  Fallowfield  Road  west for an additional 0.4 km to
   reach  Moodie  Drive.  Turn left or southeast onto Moodie Drive and go
   5.3  km,  passing  Cambrian Road to reach the quarries (second gate on
   the  left).  Park  along  the  side  of  the road without blocking the

Good Birding,

Gerard Phillips

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