[Ontbirds] released ELOSH starting to disperse - please keep an eye out!

Jessica Steiner jessica at wptc.org
Mon Aug 18 13:54:02 EDT 2008

This year the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike captive breeding program will
release more than 100 juvenile shrikes that have been raised by their
parents this season in large field breeding enclosures.


As these young begin to move away from their release sites, I would like to
remind all birders to please report any shrike sightings to Wildlife
Preservation Canada on our toll free number 1-800-956-6608 or by e-mail to
jessica at wildlifepreservation.ca.  This will provide us with important
information on migration routes and dispersal timing of this endangered
songbird.  Any photos are a bonus!


Please pay particular attention to any band combinations and on which legs.
All birds released from the field breeding program will have a silver ID
band and either a dark green or dark blue colour band - the specific
combination denoting the year the bird was released.


The field breeding and release program has been an important component in
efforts to recover the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike in Ontario.  This year, 8
birds previously released from the program returned to breeding grounds to
contribute to the wild population.


I thank you in advance for your help - we really appreciate it!







Jessica Steiner

Species Recovery Biologist

Wildlife Preservation Canada

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