[Ontbirds]Cranberry Marsh 08-22-08

craig mclauchlan csam at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 22 13:53:59 EDT 2008

after reading Doug report off things I mist at the hawk watch this mooring I tuck a drive down Halls rd birds seen 
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1 , Northern Harrier 2 , Turkey Vulture 6 , rose-breasted grosbeak 1 , N.MOCKINGBIRD 2 .

also I am not sher if this is the same one or not but a vary fresh GIANT SWALLOWTAIL was flying along the path witch gos  west from Halls rd 

what a great walk 


Doug's dreshons : From the 401 eastbound, exit at Salem Rd. in Ajax, south to Bayly, the east through Lakeridge Rd. to the first street beyond-Hall's Rd.--south toward the lake to the second roadside parking area.

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Thank You . 

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