[Ontbirds] Wing-tagged Trumpeter Swans and orange leg-banded Canada Goose at Highland Creek, Scarborough & a Merlin

Weseloh,Chip [Ontario] Chip.Weseloh at ec.gc.ca
Sun Sep 7 09:53:24 EDT 2008

This morning from about 0805 - 0835, I observed 3 wing-tagged Trumpeter
Swans just west of the mouth of Highland Creek where it empties into
Lake Ontario in Scarborough. The three tags were each yellow with black
numbers; the numbers were 082, 127 and 184. Each bird had 2 tags, one on
each wing. The latter bird (184) was a juvenile (or immature) and the
other two appeared to be full adults. There was also a Canada Goose
present with an orange leg-band on its right leg. It had white
characters (perhaps 3 of them) on the band but I could not read them
from my observation point.

Directions: From the 401 Highway in Scarborough take the Morningside
exit south to Lawrence Avenue, go left on Lawrence taking it to
Beechgrove Dr (just before the bridge over Highland Creek). Following
Beechgrove Dr. through a couple of turns, cross over the railroad tracks
and park in the Highland Creek Water Treatment Plant parking lot. Follow
the trail on your left to Lake Ontario...about 200-300 m.

There was also a Merlin at that location.

Chip Weseloh

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