[Ontbirds]Virginia rail, nighthawk, over 130 migrating raptors at Cranberry--Sep.9/08

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Tue Sep 9 15:26:06 EDT 2008

THIS IS AN INCOMPLETE REPORT --Cranberry Marsh Raptor Watch; many of us were kept busy from 0800EST onwards, given that conditions that dictate hawk migration were with us---medium NW winds, rising BP, and thermals of 300 ft./min.

I left at 13:30EST--131 migrating raptors to that time---more raptors to report after that time.

Tuesday, Sep.9/08
Official Counter:     Doug Lockrey, Ross Lamb, Geoff Carpentier
Observers:   Karl Jennewein, Jim Skene, Jerry Ball, Tyler Hoar, Charlie Adey, Dan Kaczynski, Rosemary Harris and others. 

>From the 401 eastbound, exit at Salem Rd. in Ajax, south to Bayly, the east through Lakeridge Rd. to the first street beyond-Hall's Rd.--south toward the lake to the second roadside parking area. From the 401 westbound--exit at Brock St. in Whitby, south to Victoria St., west right through to Hall's Rd.

A VIRGINIA RAIL joined us on the platform for several seconds. In the early afternoon a COMMON NIGHTHAWK flew through.
There were thousands of Darners all day; many Monarchs as well. A DARLING UNDERWING moth settled onto our board for 30 minutes before I "forced" him to show his gorgeous hind wings.

Non-raptors included--N.Parula, Black-throated green warbler, Nashville warbler, great crested flycatcher, n.flicker, many hummingbirds, marsh wren

Migrating raptors--- turkey vulture-24, osprey-5, BALD EAGLE-3 (2 AD.), n.harrier-3, sharp-shinned-60, Cooper's-3, BROAD-WINGED-4, Am.Kestrel-25, merlin-1, unidentified raptor-2

Doug Lockrey, coordinator CMRW, Whitby, ON

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