[Ontbirds] Shell Park fallout today, 20 species warblers, many other birds seen

Andrew Don adon14 at cogeco.ca
Wed Sep 10 17:45:13 EDT 2008

Hi, this morning at Shell Park saw 20 species of warblers in the woods behind the garden plots, past the first little bridge when you enter the park. Included were Orange-crowned, Tennesee, Mourning, Northern parula, Blackpoll, Bay-breasted, Ovenbird, Northern Waterthrush and many of the other common warblers. Most common were Black-throated Green and Magnolia. Also 3 Vireos (Warbling, Philadelphia and Red-eyed), 4 Flycatchers (Great-crested, Eastern Wood-pewee, Least flycatcher and either Willow or Alder Flycatcher) and many Swainsons Thrushes, Flickers and Hummingbirds were passing through. Saw a young Rose-breasted grosbeak and my first of the fall Ruby-crowned kinglets.

Have photos of 10species of warblers from today plus other birds at

Shell Park directions: From the QEW either way take the Burloak Drive exit and turn south. Follow Burloak Drive till becomes Great Lakes Drive and then follow that to Lakeshore Road. Turn left and the park is the first left after you turn onto Lakeshore Road.

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