[Ontbirds]Courtice Area Sod Farms and Oshawa Second Marsh report

Tyler Hoar thoar at rogers.com
Fri Sep 12 17:31:05 EDT 2008

Courtice area Sod farms at 4pm

There are two areas in NE Courtice with sod farms both only about 5-10 
minutes north of the 401.  From Highway 401 exit at Courtice Road (first 
exit east of Oshawa). Take Courtice Road north to its end at Taunton Road. 
Turn right(east) on Taunton road.

Sod Farm 1
The 2nd road east of Courtice rd. is Solina road, Turn south(right) off 
Taunton. Approximately 700m south and starting on the top of a small rise is 
the sod farm. It is on the east side of the road and consists of 3 fields. 
The middle field is currently having sod removed and it had the majority of 
the birds on it.

Birds present
1 Buff-breasted Sandpiper
1 Semipalmated Sandpiper
2 Baird''s Sandpipers
7 Wilson's Snipe
153 Killdeer
11 American Golden Plover
7 Black-bellied Plover

Sod Farm 2

On Taunton Road approximately 2km east of Solina road (east of Holt road but 
west of the village of Hampton) there is a large sod field on the south side 
of the road. Pull well over on the shoulder since Taunton Road is a busy 

Birds present

21 Killdeer
1 American Golden Plover

Both areas had standing water on them this afternoon.

Oshawa Second Marsh/Darlington Provincial Park 2-3:30pm

12 species( 760+ birds) of waterfowl including:
112 Green-winged Teal
74 Blue-winged Teal
35 Northern Shovelers
60 Wood Ducks
38 American Wigeon
99 Gadwalls
9 Northern Pintails

Other Species:
3 American Coots, 10 Common Moorhens and 1 Virginia Rail
Herons, 3 Great Egrets(sorry Chip, no bands),Black-crowned Night Herons and 
Great Blue Herons
Shorebirds 2 Lesser Yellowlegs, 5 Killdeer. There is some mud on a peninsula 
straight west from the viewing platform and on two of the small tern islands 
to the north of the platform.
 2 Northern Mockingbirds
Raptors: 1 Merlin and 1 Cooper's Hawk.

Darlington Provincial Park

The beach has very little algae present. Thus the shorebirds this fall are 
few and far between. This afternoon there was 1 flyby Sanderling and 1 
Spotted Sandpiper
West end of the Park towards the GM headquarters had 7 species of warblers 
present foraging with the chickadees.


The McLaughlin Bay Barrier beach can be accessed from either Oshawa Second
marsh (west access point) or Darlington provincial park (east access point)

Oshawa Second Marsh

Exit from the 401 at the Harmony Rd. Exit(419) in Oshawa. Go south on
Farewell St. Colonel Sam Drive. Turn East onto Colonel Sam Drive and follow
to the parking lot at the GM Headquarters. Park in the west parking lot
close to the marsh. The east (GM) platform is visible from the NW corner of
the lot.

To the Barrier Beach head south to the lake and then east along the

For a trail map of the Oshawa Second Marsh area visit
 www.secondmarsh.com and check the link for a trail map of
the area

Darlington Provincial Park
borders the east side Oshawa Second Marsh/McLaughlin Bay Nature Reserve.

To access the campground and park store area from the east.Take the Courtice
road exit from the 401 and follow the park signs. There is a small parking
lot at the gatehouse. Park here and walk the trail to the south. This will
take you into the campground area. The park store is just south of the main
office past the main gate.

For the Barrier Beach park at the beach parking lot and head west along the
maintained beach. 

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