[Ontbirds]RE: Re: Fall warblers at Pinecroft, near Aylmer, Ontario

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Fri Sep 12 23:35:04 EDT 2008

Sept 12, 2008
Greetings fellow birders: A mixed species flock of fall warblers were seen at Pinecroft, our new Biological Field School location with a other passerines; Adult male Black throated green warbler, American redstart, Adult female Common yellowthroat, Adult male Nashville, and Yellow-rumped. Also observed were adult male Scarlet tanagers, Eastern wood pewee, Cedar waxwing, Red-breasted and Black capped chickadee. All of these birds were spotted on September 10th.
Pinecroft is located 1 kilometer south of Highway #3 on Rogers Road, near Aylmer, Ontario. You may call them at; (519) 773-3435  Good birding!Dave Jolly,Senior InstructorEARTHQUEST (Canada) Biological Field SchoolRogers Road SouthRR#5 Aylmer West, Ontario N5H 2R4Phone: 1-519-875-3340Email: earthquestAThotmail.com

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