[Ontbirds]Rattray's Marsh

Don Perks dperks0531 at rogers.com
Sat Sep 13 13:36:30 EDT 2008

   Rattray's marsh has shrunk and is host to many shorebirds this am.Thanks 
to Andrew Don  I came by and found
23+ lesser yellowlegs
1 stilt sandpiper
3 solitary sandpipers
1 spotted sandpiper
2 pectorals
2 semipal plovers
1 semipal sandpiper
2 baird's sandpiper
40+ killdeer
2 great blues and a great egret.
2 green-winged teal 2 hooded mergansers
and the lake had 150+ red-necked grebes
that are either close or far according to the boats.
Take the Q.E. Hwy to Southdown Rd.turn south to the Lakeshore Rd.turn left 
(east) and drive to Bexhill Rd.and park.Best views are from the outlet and a 
scope is needed for best results.
Don Perks

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