[Ontbirds]Beeton Sod Farm: more Buff-breasted sandpipers arrived

Winnie Poon winniepoon at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 13 20:14:42 EDT 2008

   5  Buff-breasted  sandpipers were now seen today, 13 September 11:30 -
   13:15, at the Beeton Sod Farm.

   71  American  Golden-Plovers were still around, 2 Baird's sandpiper, 1
   Pectoral and 24 Killdeer.

   Winnie Poon & Roy Smith

   Richmond Hill

   [1]winniepoon at sympatico.ca

   Directions:  Go north on Hwy 400, Exit at #64 (Bradford) onto Regional
   Road 88, go west  to Sideroad 15, turn north and go to 9th Line.


   1. mailto:winniepoon at sympatico.ca

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