[Ontbirds]Brighton Wetland and Lagoon

Rod Lee simkev at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 21 20:44:10 EDT 2008

Hello everyone: This report comes on behalf of Keith Lee (Tiny).

Well, Sunday. April 6, 2008 - five months and 15 days ago the Brighton 
Constructed Wetland opened to the public.  The sun was shining and it was 
10C.  The first Osprey appeared!  Today, many, many visitors and 98 species 
later marked the end of the weekly opening at the Constructed Wetland.  The 
sun was shining and it was 18C.  The Wetland will continue to be monitored 
and if anyone would like to enter please feel free to contact Keith (Tiny) 
Lee or Rod and I.  I for one would like to thank Tiny (for giving so 
selflessly of his time) and Jim Phillips for taking a chance on all unknown 
entity - birders - by giving his permission for us to enter the Wetland and 
Sewage Lagoon.

NOW the good stuff.  Red-tail Hawk, Blue-winged Teal, Green-winged Teal, 
Bonaparte's Gulls, Short-billed Dowitcher (Tiny).  Oscar (who just happened 
to be continuing his boisterousness that he started 5 days ago) Tiny and I 
think he may have decided to pick up a Mute Swan as a companion.  YES!!!! 
Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Redwing Blackbirds, Belted Kingfisher, 
Merlin, Red Headed Woodpecker (Tiny) (a first at the Wetland) Herring Gull, 
Ring-billed Gull, Mallard, Wood Ducks, Mute Swans, Canada Geese, Pectoral 
Sandpiper (Maureen Riggs) Wilson's Snipe (Maureen Riggs), Solitary Sandpiper 
+ Semi-palmated Sandpiper + Stilt Sandpiper (Bill Edmunds), Blue Jay, Cedar 
Waxwings (juveniles), Common Moorhen, Great Blue Heron, Mute family with 5 
very, very large cygnets, and Virginia Rail (Bill Gilmour).

My favourite tiny little bird with the very, very large voice -  Marsh Wren 
were not heard today.  I really look forward to hearing them next Spring, to 
see and hear the returning song birds and shore birds and especially to see 
if Catfish will return with Mom and Dad.  Will Brighton's Constructed 
Wetland be home to another little white fluff ball (June 1) that will grow 
in two short months into a magnificent fish hunter?  I hope so.

Rod and I had the honour of seeing 2 very small Snapping Turtles.  One was 
about 2" in length and other 4½".  WOW!!  Considering the size of the other 
Snapping Turtles in the Wetland, it was wonderful to actually be able to 
hold a teeny, tiny one.

We thank everyone who took the time and interest to come to Brighton's 
Constructed Wetland.  I look forward to reporting the activity from this 
wonderful little corner of the world next season (with Tiny's permission of 

Maureen Campeau and Rodney Lee

Directions:  The Constructed Wetland is located at the SE corner of
Brighton.  From Hwy 401, take the Brighton exit 509 (Hwy. 30) and follow
it south into town.  Go south through the two traffic lights, over
the railway tracks and follow the main road, now called Prince Edward
Street, south.  About 1 km south of the tracks, the main road begins
to swing to the left and becomes Cty. Rd. 64.  As this long turn
ends the Constructed Wetlands appear on the right side.

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