[Ontbirds]NO White-winged Dove - St Catharines

Mark Cranford mark.cranford at ofo.ca
Sat Oct 25 21:53:26 EDT 2008

After spending 30 minutes watching the feeder at 4 Mississauga St in St
Catharines I talked to the property owners.  They have not seen the bird
since last Saturday morning and believe the bird is gone.

>From Rob Dubos' message: "The residence is at 4 Mississauga Road, St.
Catharines. The homeowner has graciously offered birders access as far
as the backyard gate on the left side of the residence. He has asked
that birders not go beyond this gate onto the back porch or into the
backyard. Most of the yard is visible with little obstruction from
this gate."

>From the QEW, take the Niagara Street exit in St. Catharines and
go north on Niagara Street. Immediately over the QEW Highway at
the first lights, the road forks with Vine Street going to the left,
and Niagara Street to
the right, with a Sunoco gas station in the middle of this fork. Take
a left here onto Vine Street
and at 4.1 km you will be at the lights at Lakeshore Road. Continue
north through the lights another
2/10ths of a km to the first street on your left, Old Coach Road. Turn
left here and go two streets
on your right to Mississauga Road, house #4. Rob Dobos Dundas, ON

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ONTBIRDS Coordinator
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