[Ontbirds]Heermann's Gull at Belle River

Randy Horvath bozovski at yahoo.ca
Tue Nov 18 18:46:42 EST 2008

My brother Robert has a very annoying habit of finding crazy birds when I am not with him to confirm and document his sighting. I have asked him to stop doing this, but he just won't listen. Yesterday, he evidently found a Heermann's Gull at the Belle River (Essex County) marina. I was skeptical, until he showed me a photograph moments ago that, while not as conclusive as we would all like it to be, seems clear enough to verify his description of the bird as well as its identification. I am guessing it is a third basic bird. There is some paleness to the head and the bill is apparently bright red with a dark tip. I am not tech savvy enough to know what to do with the photo so that everyone reading this can judge for themselves, but I'm sure someone will reply to this and maybe tomorrow I can post it where it can be viewed.

I probably will not be able to attempt to relocate the bird until Thursday, if at all, since Robert is very busy preparing for surgery on Friday and I have no transportation. If anyone chases it, good luck. Please let me know by phone if you find it: 519 977 5345, or call my brother's cell at 519 965 2991 .

Randy Horvath
Windsor, Ontario

PS Belle River is on the south shore of Lake St. Clair just east of Windsor.

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