[Ontbirds] Nov. 24 sightings from High Bluff Is. Presquiel Provincial Park (Sarah Petrasek)

Ray and Sarah Petrasek raysar at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 24 09:11:03 EST 2008

Hello everyone,
      Doug McRae and I managed to get out to High Bluff Island as we had one last calm, not too chilly day yesterday (Sun. Nov. 23) to sail the canoe across the channel.  The first ten minutes we were there we encountered quite a few sparrows and some other birds who haven't left yet.  The highlights were:  1 WINTER WREN, 1 RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET,1 COMMON YELLOW THROAT,30 SONG SPARROWS, 3 IMMATURE WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS.
       We also saw an abundance of coyote and fox tracks.  Also many signs of meadow vole activity and even some voles themselves.  With the amount of vole activity it was puzzling we did not see any owls or find any owl pellets and only 2 RED-TAILED HAWKS were seen.  Some of the other exciting birds were found on the SE shore of the island they were 3 PURPLE SANDPIPERS, 4 DUNLIN, 1 GADWALL and about 250 AM. BLACK DUCKS.  It was my first time exploring High Bluff Island and I was looking forward to some owl sightings but it was still great to be out there and the experience was rewarding.
Thank you Doug McRae.                      Lucky birding, Sarah Petrasek

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