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* New York
* Buffalo
* 11/26/2008
* NYBU0811.26
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  Peregrine Falcon
  Thayer's Gull
  Iceland Gull
  L. Black-b. Gull
  Glaucous Gull
  Red-br. Nuthatch
  Eastern Bluebird
  Pine Warbler
  Pine Siskin

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  Hotline: Dial-a-Bird at the Buffalo Museum of Science
  Date:             11/26/2008
  Number:           716-896-1271
  To Report:        Same
  Compiler:         David F. Suggs (dfsuggs at localnet com)
  Coverage:         Western New York and adjacent Ontario
  Website:          www.BOSBirding.org

  Wednesday, November 26, 2008

  Dial-a-Bird is a service provided by your Buffalo Museum of  Science 
and this answering system was donated by the Buffalo  Ornithological 
Society. Press (2) to leave a message, (3)  for updates, meeting and 
field trip information and (4) for  instructions on how to report 
sightings and use this system.  To contact the Science Museum, call 

highlight of reports received November 20 through November  26 from the 
Niagara Frontier Region.

  WHITE-W. CROSSBILLS have irrupted like never before in the  region, 
and apparently across much of New York State. First  noted November 22, 
a record flock of 90 WHITE-W. CROSSBILLS  at Greenwood Cemetery in the 
Niagara County Town of Wilson,  and smaller flocks at many stops along 
the Lake Ontario  shore in Wilson and Porter. On the 23rd, the flock at 
  Greenwood was up to 120 and at Oakland Cemetery in Porter,  75 

  More widespread reports of WHITE-W. CROSSBILLS - in the Town  of 
Amherst, 50 at White Chapel Cemetery on Niagara Falls  Blvd., and 54 at 
Amherst State Park. In Orchard Park, 40 at  Woodlawn Cemetery on South 
Buffalo Road. Also, 47 in  Wheatfield at the entrance to Acacia 
Cemetery, 20 in Elma,  and 15 WHITE-W. CROSSBILLS in Alden. The 
crossbills feed on  the cones of tall conifers, and call in flight as 
tight  flocks move from tree to tree.

  Searching for crossbills at Fort Niagara State Park in  Porter on the 
22nd, a PINE WARBLER was found in the  crabapple trees at the entrance 
circle with 14 EASTERN  BLUEBIRDS. PINE SISKINS were heard this week in 
Orchard  Park, and 3 PINE SISKINS at a feeder in Cheektowaga. RED-BR.  
NUTHATCHES at many locations with the crossbills.

  November 23, a second winter CALIFORNIA GULL at the power  plants on 
the lower Niagara River. Observed from the Beck  Overlook in Ontario, 
the gull was flying and resting on the  New York State side of the 
river. Also at the power plants  and at Niagara Falls, THAYER'S GULL, 
  B. GULL and GLAUCOUS GULL, plus a PEREGRINE FALCON above the  falls.

  Recent SNOWY OWLS - two at the Niagara Falls Airport, near  Walmore 
Road and near Lockport Road, and another SNOWY OWL,  November 25 on the 
Wilson Pier.

  Dial-a-Bird will be updated Thursday evening, December 4.  Please 
call in your sightings by noon Thursday. You may  report sightings 
after the tone. Thank you for calling and  reporting to Dial-a-Bird.

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