[Ontbirds]Snow Geese in Port Burwell

Joe Stephenson joestephenson11 at mac.com
Fri Nov 28 13:05:08 EST 2008

28 November 2008


Four Snow Geese and two Blue Morph (1 mature and 1 immature) Snow  
Geese were sighted yesterday and today on the East Municipal Beach in  
Port Burwell.  These were with many, many Canada Geese along the  
shoreline of the beach in washed up debris.

There were one mature and one immature Great Black-Backed Gull  
present.  At least two Bonaparte's Gulls were present too.

In the adjacent harbour with many more Canada Geese was a large white  
goose similar in size to the Canada Geese, but identification was not  
confirmed.  It did not have the dark grin patch on the bill, and was  
too big to be a Ross's Goose.

Observers were Andy Eveland, Ron Allensen and Joe Stephenson.

Port Burwell is on Lake Erie at the southern terminus of Highway 19  
(Planck Road) about 30 miles south of the the 401 where it intersects  
Highway 19 near Ingersoll.
The East Municipal Beach is on the east side of the harbour just below  
the lighthouse.

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