[Ontbirds] Snowy Owl nr. Holland Marsh, Pine Siskins in midtown Toronto

Skip Shand sshand at glendon.yorku.ca
Sat Jan 10 16:10:36 EST 2009

Hi folks:

I followed in Norm Murr's footsteps for a bit today, up to the Holland 
Marsh area. There were Snow Buntings and Horned Larks in small flocks on 
Jane just above Hwy 9, also a Rough-Legged Hawk on the east side of Jane, 
before the little bridge. Heading east to Dufferin, and then a bit north, 
I found a windblown 1st-year Snowy Owl perched on a pole at the west end 
of Bernhardt St. (one south of Emma). And a bit further north on Dufferin, 
before the Graham Sideroad, there was a small flock of White-winged 
Crossbills. Plus the usual Tree Sparrows and Juncos and such. And on the 
way across to Dufferin, on the north side of Woodchoppers, there was a 
reddish-blonde coyote trotting northeast across the fields. 

Bonus: This morning, for the first time this winter, a pair of Pine 
Siskins joined the regular Goldfinches at my upside-down nyjer feeders at 
Bathurst and Eglinton. So I guess it's official: they're everywhere!

Skip Shand

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