[Ontbirds] Dark and Light Morph Rough Legged Hawks, WW Crossbills North of London

John Luke Wheatley jlwheatley at live.ca
Sat Jan 10 19:26:53 EST 2009

Touring North of the city of London today yielded some good finds.  A dark morph Rough Legged hawk on 16 mile rd between Denfield Rd and Hyde Park Rd.  Further east, many red tailed hawks and 2 seperate light morph rough legged hawks (along prospect hill road between 13 mile and 16 mile rd)
Later, a flock of about 20-25 white winged crossbills was found foraging in white spruce on Valleyview Rd just south of Plover Mills Rd.
To cap the day off a 2nd-3rd year bald eagle flew lazily 30 feet directly above my head over Fanshawe Dam after sending multiple groups of common goldeneyes into flight.  
Good Birding
John Luke Wheatley
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