[Ontbirds] Brown Thrasher being seen regularly in Mississauga

Judi Parker heyjudi at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 29 19:21:06 EST 2009

For those who would like to add a brown thrasher to their winter list, I
am happy to report that there one being seen regularly in Riverwood Park
in Mississauga.  It frequents a bird feeding area near MacEwan Field
Station.  Visitors to Riverwood have reported it to The Riverwood
Conservancy (formerly the Mississauga Garden Council) office several
times in the last week.

Riverwood is a Mississauga City Park which covers 150 acres, mostly
forested, along the Credit River between Burnhamthorpe Road West on the
south and Hwy. 403 on the north.  It is contiguous with Erindale Park
which runs along the Credit River between Dundas Street and
Burnhamthorpe Road.  The Culham Trail (hike and bike) runs through both
parks and there are other marked trails in Riverwood.  

Directions:  From Hwy 403, take the Mavis Road Exit.
  Go south on Mavis Road to Burnhamthorpe Road West and turn right.
  Take Burnhamthorpe Road to the traffic lights at intersection with The
Credit Woodlands (south of Burnhamthorpe) and Riverwood Park Lane (north
of Burnhamthorpe).  

Turn north onto Riverwood Park Lane and turn into the first parking lot
visible from the road on your left.  A pathway leads from the parking
lot toward a restored barn, the new Visual Arts Mississauga facility,
and to MacEwan Field Station which is the old farm house at the end of
the paved path.

The feeders where the brown thrasher has been observed are outside
MacEwan Field Station.  Other recently observed birds in the area
include a Cooper's Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, American Tree Sparrows,
White-throated Sparrows, and the usual assortment of winter feeder

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