[Ontbirds] Kingston area birds to Jan. 30, 2009

Peter & Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 30 09:43:18 EST 2009

The good birds at Chaffey's Lock (Trumpeter Swan, Wood Duck and Green-winged
Teal) prompted a group to check out the other lock stations between there
and Kingston. They found a Hooded Merganser at Kingston Mills and a Belted
Kingfisher at Upper Brewer's. Almost all the locks had Canada Geese, Am.
Black Ducks, Mallards and Common Goldeneye. The only other unusual waterfowl
this week was a male N. Pintail in the Amherst ferry channel on Monday.

The Peregrine Falcon is still at Queen's and a N. Goshawk was seen in the
same area last Sunday. Kingston's downtown pigeons must be having a rough
winter. Cooper's Hawks were seen in Camden East and on Howe Island and Bald
Eagles were reported from Bedford Mills, Tamworth and the Opinicon Road.
Nobody reported a Boreal Owl from Amherst but the other raptors were still
abundant. A quick trip to Wolfe Island yielded only two Snowy Owls and very
few hawks.

The finch picture remains much the same, dominated by large numbers of Pine
Siskins (more than 40 at several feeders), with smaller numbers of Am.
Goldfinch, Common Redpoll, and Purple Finch. Pine Grosbeaks were seen at
Perth Road and Bedford Mills. White-winged Crossbill numbers are down this
week with only a couple reported from Bedford Mills and Flinton; also from
the pine plantations near Flinton , 16 Red Crossbills.

Other noteworthy winter birds included flocks of Snow Buntings on Amherst
and at Seeley's Bay, N. Shrikes at Bedford Mills and Amherst, Wild Turkeys
on Wolfe Island and near Centreville, Am. Robins at Bedford Mills and Camden
East, and Brown Creepers at Davis Lock and Bedford Mills.

More unusual but now regular at their respective feeders are the
White-crowned Sparrow at Elginburg, a White-throated Sparrow and Red-bellied
Woodpecker in Barriefield and another Red-bellied, a Song Sparrow and up to
25 Rusty Blackbirds on Howe Island. Two N. Flickers were found well
northwest of the city on Monday; one near Newburgh and the other near
Centreville. There was also a small flock of 5 Eastern Bluebirds just to the
northeast of Newburgh on Monday.


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Kingston Field Naturalists

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