[Ontbirds] Holland Marsh Area- Jan.30- Snowy Owls, Snow Buntings, Lapland Longspur, Horned Larks

Siegmar Bodach sigipatti at sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 30 23:47:44 EST 2009

Late this afternoon I had the opportunity to take some time and check 
out the
Holland Marsh area for Snowy Owls and other winter birds.
At the horse ranch at the corner of  Hwy.9 and Jane St. there were several
hundred Snow Buntings feeding on the snowy fields amongst the horses. They
were spread out in several large flocks with some birds very  close to 
the roadside
 fences and on the driveway. 2 other large flocks were feeding in the 
hilly fields
behind the barn. Of the several hundred birds in the foreground fields were
approximately 150 or so Horned Larks some mixed in with the Snow Buntings
but most in one big main group of about 100. I eyed the moving flocks for
almost an hour and was able to locate only one male Lapland Longspur among
all those Snow Buntings and Horned Larks. The Longspur was actually with
the Snow Buntings closest to the road and farm driveway.
 From there I went north on Jane St. into the Holland Marsh veg. fields 
Just before Edwards St. I saw the first of  2 Snowy Owls- a very white 
fly low across the road in front of me. The 2nd one was near Strawberry Lane
sitting on small old tree way out in the field. It was heavily streaked 

Also in the last 2 weeks I have seen/found  flocks of White-winged 
on 3 occasions feeding on cones in the Spruce trees around our house in 
Numbers ranged from 6 to 20. In my work travels I also found a large 
flock of  
35-40 in the Spruce trees at the entrance to the Lionhead Golf & Country 
in Brampton on Miss. Rd.

Good winter birding
Sigi Bodach
Aurora, On

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