[Ontbirds] Owls at Thickson's Woods, Saturday January 31

Dennis Barry dbarry at interlinks.net
Sun Feb 1 09:00:22 EST 2009

Birders reported a Long-eared Owl perched in the open along the Waterfront Trail at the north side of the woods on Saturday afternoon.  Later they found a Great Horned Owl in the woods and disvovered a wing and some feathers of a Saw-whet Owl at the base of the roost tree.  A Saw-whet hasbeen roosting near the entrance of the woods since fall.  Whether this is the individual that met its demise is unknown.  A pair of Great Horned owls have been vocalizing during the day for the past week.
    The Carolina Wren had been more vocal during the day for the past few days, whereas before it was most easily discovered at dawn or dusk.  A winter wren is still present as well.
    White-winged Crossbills and Redpolls are on the move each day during the first half of the morning.  There are few if any cones laft on thespruce and birches in the woods, so they don't seem to linger.


Directions to Thickson's Woods Nature Reserve

To get to Thickson's Woods, Exit from #401 to Thickson Rd. S.  Continue south about 1.5 kilometres to the Waterfront Trail, where you will see a large green sign on your left that says "Thickson's Woods Nature Reserve".  Park along the east side of Thickson Road and walk east along the Waterfront Trail about 200 metres to where a pathway enters the woods on your right. Trails lead through the woods with two extending to the roadway on the south side of the woods along the shore of Lake Ontario.  The roadways in the woods are the property of Thickson's Woods Land Trust.  Birder's are welcome to walk along the roadways, but please park outside the gate.  Exceptions are made for handicapped folks who are unable to walk about.

    The entrance to the meadow portion of the reserve is on the north side of the Waterfront Trail opposite the entrance to the woods.

            There is a "No Motorized Vehicles" sign immediately east of Thickson Road where the Waterfront Trail passes through the reserve.  There have been times in the past when cars have been ticketed for parking in that area.

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