[Ontbirds] N. Shrike, Snowy Owl Lucan

rose welch rose.welch049 at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 1 17:41:41 EST 2009

Go North of London on Hwy. 4, past Hwy #7 to the Roman Line, just South of 
Lucan, turn Right down to Breen Dr. just past the intersection The one Snowy 
Owl seems to really like the one hydro post as he was there on Fri. at 
#35019 on the fire numbers to Salts farm the Nothern Shrike would fly then 
perch on the top of the tall pines at #35019. The other Snowy was back in 
the far field on the right as I was going back to Hwy#4 between Breen and 
Observatory Rd. THe Snowys have been reg seen here and Don Taylor seen 4 in 
one day. I have seen all 4 now but not on the same day
Good Birding

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