[Ontbirds] Amherst Island - Feb 13th

Geoff - Birds avocet at rogers.com
Fri Feb 13 22:30:38 EST 2009

I worked the island today for 7 hours and recorded two snowies (east end of island) , one saw-whet and three long-eared owls (in owl woods) + 3 kestrels, 25 red-tailed and 14 rough-legged hawks ... no sign of the boreal owl ... one interesting observation was watching a raven chasing and driving a red-tailed hawk out of the air and forcing it to the ground ... lots of other birders on the island but I didn't hear how they did ... btw the road into the owl woods was driveable but won't be if the temperatures go above freezing ... lots of ice on the road near the entrance to the woods so be careful driving/walking.

Directions: (from Bruce Dilabio) Amherst Island: Located 18 km. west of Kingston.  Exit off Hwy. 
401 at exit 593 (County Rd. 4, Camden East) and drive south to the very end 
(Millhaven). Turn right on Hwy. 33 and drive 100 metres until you see the 
sign for the Amherst Island ferry. The ferry (20 minute trip) leaves the 
mainland on the half  hour and leaves the island on the hour. Cost is $8.00 
Canadian round trip. There are no gas stations on the island. There are 
restrooms on the ferry, and at the island ferry dock.  The East End K.F.N. 
property is at the easternmost part of the island on the east side of the 
Lower Forty Foot Road.  To reach the Owl Woods, turn left (east) at the 
four-way stop sign by the general store and drive 3.4 km along Front Rd. to 
the (seasonal) Marshall Forty-Foot Rd. Marshall Forty-Foot Rd. is across the 
road from house #2320.  Drive along Marshall Rd. to the mid-way point, where 
there is an "S" in the road (1.2 km, look for the K.F.N. kiosk which had owl 
observing ethics). Park in the gravel lane or off the road edge.

Geoff Carpentier
Ajax, Ontario

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