[Ontbirds] Harlequin Ducks, King eider, Snowy Owl, Brown Thrasher Toronto/Missasauga

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Sat Feb 14 19:51:45 EST 2009

Started off at Colonel Sam Smith Park this morning and found the 2 female and male Harlequin Ducks on the Southern Most point of the park swimming parallel with the shoreline only about 20 meters from shore, the Snowy Owl was also present on the docks in the marina, the King Eider was present in the Southeastern bay about 10 meters from shore.  Also present in the park were 3 Horned Grebes offshore about 300 meters off the southeast side of the park, a Red-necked Grebe on the Southern Tip of the Park only about 10 meters from shore and a Horned Lark that was heard flying around various parts of the park as well.
At Riverwood Park, the Brown Thrasher was seen around 3 oclock coming into the feeders just south of the Visual Arts Centre coming to the second stump on the right side of the path just before the yellow gates.  No Hoary Redpolls were seen and very few Common Redpolls were present unlike reported in previous days.  Also no reports of the Screech-Owl.  
The last stop of the day was down at Port Credit marina where the only notable bird to report was a Yellow-rumped Warbler that was found just south of the parking lot on the East side of the river feeding in the Holly bushes along the pier.
Happy Birding 
Chris Street
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