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Thu Mar 12 16:16:01 EDT 2009

Subject: Tundra swans at Aylmer Ont Wildlife area.
Date: Mar 12, 2009, 11.00 A.M.
Jim Dunn

Hi Birders:

Today about 150 Tundra Swans showed up at the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area and another 200-300 in a flooded field at the south west corner of Imperial Rd. & John Wise Line south of Aylmer.

Also at Hawk Cliff, there were many large flocks of swans flying west over Lake Erie.

At Pt. Stanley lagoons...
    2 Male Bufflehead ducks
    1 Male Gadwall duck
    2 Common Mergansers
    4 Ringnecked ducks
    4 Mallard ducks
    Many Canada Geese, Herring Gulls and Redwing Blackbirds

The Aylmer Wildlife Management Area is located at the back of the Ontario Police College. 
Exit 401 @ exit 203 Imperial Rd. south to Ron McNeil Line, turn east towards Springfield, Turn south on Hacienda rd. to the South side of the Police College. There is an access rd. at the extreme south boundry of the College property. Follow to the viewing area. Google 42.80034,-80.94200

John Wise Line & Imperial Rd... Follow Imperial Rd south thru town of Aylmer to John Wise Line (3rd rd.) Google 42.72480,-80.99064

Port Stanley lagoons are on Scotch Rd. northwest of Port Stanley Google 42.67923,-81.24140

Hawk Cliff is on Lake Erie, first rd. east of Port Stanley on Dexter Line Google 42.67448,-81.16913

Jim Dunn
St. Thomas On.
jamesedunn at sympatico.ca

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