[Ontbirds] Kingston area birds to Marcgh 13, 2009

Peter & Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 12 22:30:32 EDT 2009

The Gyrfalcon, first seen on March 3rd, hasn't been reported since Tuesday
when it was sighted on Garden Island just to the west of the ferry channel
to Wolfe Island. The weather has not yet turned mild so it would still feel
right at home although the windstorm on Wednesday might have taken it to
parts unknown. Nevertheless it has been a good week for falcons; there was a
Merlin on Amherst on Saturday and 4 Am. Kestrels on Sunday. The resident
Peregrine was seen near downtown Kingston this afternoon. Other raptors
included a Cooper's Hawk and a Bald Eagle at Bedford Mills and another eagle
at Chaffey's Lock. There were still some owls on Amherst last weekend; 5
Snowy, 8 N. Saw-whet and a Barred.

Spring is trying to arrive. Canada Geese have moved inland; the cornfields
are bare but the marshes are frozen solid. Red-winged Blackbirds and Common
Grackles are widespread but not yet in huge numbers.

Feeders remain busy with lots of Common Redpolls and Pine Siskins (numbers
are down but they still outnumber everything else). Purple Finches seem to
be a bit more abundant.

Waterfowl numbers are increasing; there were 2000 Greater Scaup off Amherst
on Sunday and a Snow Goose was also seen. There was some open water in the
Cataraqui River and that attracted 6 Ring-necked Ducks on Monday and a pair
of Am. Wigeon on Tuesday. Trumpeter Swans were tallied in Westport, at
Chaffey's and Davis Lock. Other migrants of note included our second Turkey
Vulture of the year at Bedford Mills on Sunday and the first Killdeer, on
Amherst, also on Sunday. 


Peter Good

Kingston Field Naturalists

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