[Ontbirds] Snow and Ross's Geese at Pelee

Tom Hince peleetom at netcore.ca
Thu Mar 12 22:53:50 EDT 2009

Further to Dean Wares post of this, what was presumably the same group of "white" geese (plus a few more individuals with a grand total of 256 birds) were flying over the Marsh Boardwalk early this morning. They appeared to have flushed from one of the ponds in the marsh (possibly West Cranberry) around 9 am and circled over the tower before turning north towards Hillman Marsh. This was a truly amazing sight for the Pelee area. One has to remember only a few decades ago when the status of both these species was dramatically different.

I was able to get a number of images of the birds in flight which are on my blog (including comparisons of Ross's and Snow). The link is below.

Good birding.


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