[Ontbirds] Tundra Swans etc. Grand Bend area

Maris Apse apsemaris at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 13 00:28:52 EDT 2009

Hi all,

     Tuesday 10/03 - 6 Tundra Swans - hugging far S edge of flooded area on S side of Greenway Rd - quite windy.  
     Wednesday 11/03 - ~120 Tundra Swans - mostly in same area with many back in the 'reeds' so hard to count accurately - winds gusting to 70+ kph.

      Thursday 12/03 - over 500, possibly close to 1,000 but again mostly at a distance with best viewing from River Road south of Greenway Rd looking east top the extensively flooded areas, mostly frozen over to-day. I would NOT advise trying to drive closer to them from here, nor down Hagmier due to very soft muddy conditions(even with to-days colder temps).

      Also this afternoon - 1 Killdeer along main ditch at east edge of flooded area south of Greenway and 1 ad. Northern Shrike on north side of Greenway Rd. Lots of Horned Lark everywhere and several sp. of other waterfowl but not great numbers - did see 12 male and 6 female Common Merganser in the Ausable outlet to the lake in Grand Bend.  

      Of note I had a very early House Wren checking out each of the 4 brush piles in my back yard last Sunday - 08/03, but have not seen it since. They nested here the last 2 summers, but this has to be a month or more early(?). 

                                                        Cheers!   Maris


Directions - Greenway Rd runs east off Hwy#21 near Lambton County Museum(almost opposite Pinery P.P. entrance. River Road is 1st driveable road east of #21, running south of Greenway Rd

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