The RIDERS rider at xcelco.on.ca
Fri Mar 13 16:50:25 EDT 2009

Hi Ont Birders.
                             This is probably one of the last days of 
virtually complete ice cover here In Lambton County.
In the Northville area on Highway 21 at the 'Grogs' corner there has 
been for the last week eight ROSS' GEESE mixed in with the SNOW GEESE 
on the frozen field.  There are 98 TUNDRA SWANS there also.  (There 
was also a relatively big Snow Goose as well but the photo has been 
sent for a more expert opinion)
Down Greenway Rd off 21 behind the Museum there are  approximastely 
750 TUNDRAS today.
I did not count the Geese or Mallards and Blacks.  There was a pair 
of AM WIGEON and a pair of WOOD DUCKS close to the bridge on Greenway Rd.

A few REDHEADS around and a small flock of RINGNECKS.

This weekend will not be very good for viewing because of all the 
ice, the relatively low numbers and difficulty in finding them.

If all goes well the next week should be good.  The forecast is for 
relatively warm temperatures.

To get stunning photos, arrive early on a sunny morning and find 
their chosen for the day flightline, Get near it, stand quite still 
and the birds will fly overhead.  Any movement and the Swans will 
deviate away from you.

White swans against a cloud will not stirr anyones heart, but get 
them against a blue sky and you can get stunning photos.

By 4pm. the Swans are leaving and flying to the lake for the night. 
Again, like the morning, the swans will be flying towards the sun. 
That puts light under their wings making for beautiful photos.
By April the number will have built up to about 22,000. (I have 
counted them for nany years) before they start heading almost due 
West out over Lake Huron.
I hope that this is helpful?

The KUMLIEN'S GULL was an adult and it flew out of the St. Clair 
River and landed on the ice on Lake Huron.
There is also a pair of GLAUCOUS GULLS and also a 2nd yr.
Good Birding.

Alf Rider.

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