[Ontbirds] Western Grebe and King Eider still present at Col. Sam

kim mcguire huronsabigail at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 21 21:18:36 EDT 2009

Both the Western Grebe and the King Eider were present today at Col. Sam park.  The Grebe was in the west bay and the Eider on the east side.  Excellent looks with both birds being close to shore between 10 and 11 am.  Several Common Loons were also present on the west side.  Six Black crowned Night Herons flew over as well as several Common Terns.


Large groups of Purple Martins, Barn and Tree Swallows arrived mid morning.  There were a few Rough-winged as well. Six species of sparrow were found,  including Field, Fox and White-throated in the Bowl area.  Also present in this area, were Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Hermit Thrush, Rufous-sided Towhee, and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  


A Northern Mockingbird was feeding on the grass at Marie Curtis Park at the bottom of Dixie Rd.


Col. Sam Park is at the bottom of Kipling.

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