[Ontbirds] Hwy. 401 Heads-up for Birders

Mike Street mikestreet1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 06:13:36 EDT 2009

Birders planning to go to Rondeau and/or Point Pelee in the next six
weeks should be aware that between Ingersoll (~km 225) and Windsor
there are NO full operating service centres available directly from
Hwy. 401. The service centres on both sides of the 401 at Rodney (~km
141) and that on the south side (eastbound lanes) near Tilbury (~km
62) are shut down completely. The one on the north side (westbound
lanes) near Tilbury (~km 60) does not sell gas.

Available services between Ingersoll and Windsor: There are 24-hour
trucks stops off the 401 at exits 199, 195 and 189, and many services
at the Wellington Road (London) exit at km 186. Further west there are
24-hour services in Chatham (along Hwy. 40 from exit 90), at Tilbury
(exit 56) and at Comber (new truck stop + Tim's) at exit 48.



Mike Street
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
mikestreet1 at gmail.com

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