[Ontbirds] Kingston area birds to April 24, 2009

Peter & Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 24 10:28:35 EDT 2009

Migration has been slow this week. New arrivals include Purple Martin and
Barn Swallow as well as a Hermit Thrush on Amherst Island and a Broad-winged
Hawk on the K&P Trail on Monday; then two Brown Thrashers on the K&P Trail
the next day. A Fox Sparrow sang for several minutes at Camden East
yesterday. A Pine Warbler and a White-throated Sparrow were at Bedford Mills
and many other birds arrived almost simultaneously at several locations;
Greater Yellowlegs, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, N. Rough-winged Swallows, E.
Phoebes, Winter Wrens, E. Towhees, Chipping and Swamp Sparrows, more of both
kinglets and Rusty Blackbirds.

Winter birds remain in good numbers. Three species of owl were tallied on
Amherst on Monday including 5 Snowy Owls and there were more than five dozen
Rough-legged hawks. Pine Siskins continue to devour niger seed at a
prodigious rate at several sites and a pair of Common Redpolls visited the
Bedford Mills feeder on Tuesday. Thirty Cedar Waxwings, an "Oregon"
Dark-eyed Junco on the K&P Trail on Monday and a half dozen Purple Finches
feeding on the flower buds of a Manitoba Maple near Camden East completes
the list of hangers-on.


Peter Good

Kingston Field Naturalists

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