[Ontbirds] Western Grebe & PIWA at CSSS ( Kipling Spit)

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Fri Apr 24 19:13:52 EDT 2009

Hello weekend birders:
This AM ( FRI) at Colonel Smith Park ( AKA KIPLING Spit)

1- Western Grebe ( in beautiful light, to the delight of 'unemployed' photographers.) at the south WEST corner; perhaps best seen from bottom of 23rd St. in Etobicoke)
2- King Eider ( 1st year male) has been all week long in the South East corner closest to the 7 storey apartment east of the Parking lot.
3- Hundreds of RN grebes, Tens of Horned Grebes and 8 Common loons.
?4- Red-throated Loon- 1 on the lake side SE view

At the " BOWL", NE ground cavity-

? 5- Pine Warbler- 1 singing close to Lakeshore BLD
? 6- Yellow-rumped Warblers - 6
? 7- Blue-headed Vireo 1
? Others:
? 'Swarms' of? Ruby-crowned Kinglets with a few GC Kinglets
-Eastern Phoebes
-Hermit Thrushes
-Pine Siskins ( on territory for...??"")
- All the Hirundinae
-Chimney Swits-2
--?Six species of NA? "Sparrows"
-Caspian & Common Terns
Enjoy the weekend, go birwatching!
Direction-? Kipling Spit ( CSSP) : go south on Kipling, south of Lakeshore; past the High School, to southermost Parking lot. Walk SW for Western Grebe & SE for King Eider.? The " Bowl" is at Lakeshore, 150 m East of Kipling.

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