[Ontbirds] Little Gulls at Oshawa Second Marsh - Little Gull Viewing Week-end

Weseloh,Chip [Ontario] Chip.Weseloh at ec.gc.ca
Sat Apr 25 12:41:31 EDT 2009

We had at least 37 Little Gulls at Oshawa Second Marsh today for the
first day of the 2-day Little Gull Viewing Week-end. Several times from
about 730-830 they put on beautiful aerial courstship displays with from
10-22 birds present in a flock above the marsh and immediately adjacent
area. Other individuals were easily viewed as they skimmed over the
water foraging on emerging insects just beyond the cattails. It was a
great day at the marsh; other birds included Black-crowned Night-Heron,
Common Gallinule, a Canvasback, 300 Bonaparte's Gulls, Ring-necked Duck,
Ruddy Duck, Blue-winged and Green-winhed Teal, Common and Hooded
Merganser, Trumpeter and Mute Swan,  Caspian Tern, two calling Virginia
Rails, Swamp Sparrow, etc.

The Viewing Week-end continues tomorrow from sunrise to about 1000
AM...but the weather forecast is not good.


Chip Weseloh
Tyler Hoar

> Exit from the 401 at the Harmony Rd. Exit (419) in Oshawa. Go south on
> Farewell St. Colonel Sam Drive. Turn East onto Colonel Sam Drive and 
> follow
> to the parking lot at the GM Headquarters. Park in the west parking
> close to the marsh. The east (GM) platform is visible from the NW
> of
> the lot.
> For a trail map of the Oshawa Second marsh area visit
> www.secondmarsh.com and check the link for a trail map of
> the area. 

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