[Ontbirds] Brighton Wetlands and Lagoon

Keith Lee keith.lee at sympatico.ca
Sat Apr 25 20:22:57 EDT 2009

Hi everyone I just want to clarify it is only the LAGOON NOT THE WETLAND
that is off limits unless I am there, so please accept my apology for any thought that
the wetlands are off limits, as usual the wetlands are open when I post the times,
I was trying to get a spot access to the lagoon for viewing at any time but that has 
now been put on hold. Sorry to those who did obey the rules.

I will be Open Saturday May 2nd from 8 AM to 10AM

Now for the report for the wetland viewing on Saturday, we had blue and green 
winged teals, Ring neck, Lesser or greater Scaup not quite sure which one, 
Buffle head, northern Pintail, Northern Shoveler, 4 Osprey, mute swans, 
Canada geese, Virginia Rail, marsh wren, Moore hen at least 2 and the usual red 
wings, blue jays. 
As usual if anyone would like to arrange a time that is outside of my normal hours
please give me a cal or e-mail.

Cell 613-391-9142
Home 613-475-0881

Directions:  The Constructed Wetland is located at the SE corner of
Brighton.  From Hwy 401, take the Brighton exit 509 (Hwy. 30) and follow
it south into town.  Go south through the two traffic lights, over
the railway tracks and follow the main road, now called Prince Edward
Street, south.  About 1 km south of the tracks, the main road begins
to swing to the left and becomes Cty. Rd. 64.  As this long turn
ends the Constructed Wetlands appear on the right side. Look for the 
Wetland viewing sign at the east end of the Wetland.

Keith "Tiny" Lee

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