[Ontbirds] 5 warbler species, Etobicoke

Mark Kubisz scarbropengyou at yahoo.ca
Sun Apr 26 13:18:26 EDT 2009

1 Yellow Warbler, 1 Black-and-white Warbler, 2 Nashville Warbers, 1 Ovenbird, 4 Black-throated Green Warblers. Other species of interest: 1 Common Loon (flying over), 1 Hooded Merganser, 1 Wilson's Snipe, 1 Winter Wren, 1 Carolina Wren, 1 Northern Mockingbird, 1 Brown Thrasher, 2 Blue-headed Vireos, 1 Fox Sparrow. 4 Pine Siskins, 46 species total. All birds seen at Pine Point Park and Resources Road Ravine. Resources Road Ravine is east of Islington on the south side of Hwy 401. Pine Point is off Allenby Ave., the first street east off Islington immediately north of Hwy 401.

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