[Ontbirds] Early arrivals on the eastern Lake Ontario shoreline

Wayne Renaud waynerenaud1951 at aol.com
Sun Apr 26 21:15:42 EDT 2009

Today I birded several parks and other natural areas along or near  
Lake Ontario starting at Paletta Park, Burlington east to Rattray  
Marsh Conservation area: in between I birded Shell Park, sw Oakville;  
Gairloch Garden, Oakville, Arkendo Park, se Oakville, and Lakeside  
Park sw Mississauga.  I recorded seven species of Warbler (with  
totals): Yellow-rumped (191), Black-throated Green (8),  Palm (6),  
Nashville (5), Black-and-white (5);  Pine (3) and Yellow (1); the  
latter was a male in breeding found by two other birder high in  
deciduous trees in large wood lot in the northeast sector of the  
Park.  I also recorded a total of 14 Gray-headed and 2 Warbling  
Vireos.  Other birds of note was a Whip-poor-will sleeping on  
horizontal sumach branch in dense deciduous forest near Sheridan Creek  
about 150 meter upstream from the bridge closest to marsh and a Brown  
Thrasher in Gairlock gardens along the east fence.  I also found a 3rd  
year Kumlien's Iceland Gull feeding about 30 meters off the mouth of  
Joshua Creek in Arkendo Park.  I also found two pairs of Pine Siskins  
singing on territory on the periphery of Rattray Marsh Conservation  
Area: one near the west parking lot of Greenglade School (at the east  
of the street by the same name), the other near the south-eastern  
entrance to the Marsh trial.   I was also impressed by the large and  
widespreads number of Hermit Thrushes and White-throated Sparrows.

Rattray Marsh I located along the Lake Ontario Shoreline between  
Mississauga Road and Erin Mills Parkway.  I highly advise any going to  
there to print out a map is available through the Credit Valley  
Conservation Authority website under the name Rattray Marsh; the  
handiest street parking to Lakeshore is available at the south end of  
Bexhill when runs off Lakeshore about 5 long block east of the  
intersection of Lakeshore and Erin Mills Parkway and just west of  
Clarkson.  It's just a short walk down the hill into the heart of this  
amazing natural area.

Paletta Park is located in Burlington south of Lakeshore between  
Appleby and Walkers Lines (easily marked by two large signs).

Shell Park is located in Oakville and is only about 300 meters east of  
the intersection of Great Lakes Boulevard (an extension of Burloak)  
and very lose to the se corner of Burlington.  The trails are bit  
confusing, to say the least, but the two main areas of bird activity  
are usually along the densely plant creek-side and long narrow wood  
lot to the northeast.

Gairloch Gardens are located south of Lakeshore just east of down town  
Oakville between Trafalgar road and Royal Windor Drive (the signs are  
clearly visible from Lakeshore).

Arkendo Park is located in se Oakville at the mouth of Joshua Creek;  
the street heading south of Lakeshore has the same name as the park  
and leads to cul-de-sac a short distance from where the informal  
trails area located.

Lakeside Park is located equidistant between the ends of Royal Windsor  
Drive and Erin Mills Park way; it is just west of 'leash-free park' by  
the same name.

Wayne Renaud

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